Hold A Glitzy, Glamorous End of Year Holiday Party with these Tips

Every year, we carefully prepare for the holidays by decorating the house, cooking special dishes, and attending events. Depending on where you live, you might be donning warmer, cozier apparel as well. The holidays bring a warm feeling to the spirit.

We all remember that one, specific gathering where all the details were perfectly presented. Perhaps it was the ambiance and decor that swept you into the holiday spirit. For others, it was the presentation of the canapes that made the party especially exquisite. If you’re seeking inspiration for your private holiday event, read for tips on how to hold a glamorous end of the year party.

Start with Party Ambiance

The fragrant smells of the holidays are memory inducing. When people walk through the door, they’ll immediately feel cozy and warm because there is something delicious baking in the oven or a spice blend is being diffused. Vanilla is an excellent choice of aroma because it’s gentle enough to not overwhelm and also connected to the smell of baking, hence memories. Chai or cedarwood are also great options for holiday diffusing because they’re mild, but stand out. 

What mood do you want at your private party? Jazz will elevate the energy in the space, but will keep the mood classy. Top 40s and dance music will also elevate the energy, but might encourage guests to imbibe and dance. Remember to set the ambiance according to what’s appropriate for your group of guests.

Set a Dazzling Tablescape

Decorations can make or break the look of the space. It’s the holidays, pull out the crystal stemware and don’t be shy about gold and silver. Your tablescape should incorporate sparkle and natural tones. Gold chargers will stand out when your centerpieces include pine garlands, metallic candleholders, fresh berries, and gold baubles. Don’t feel like you need to add a table linen; Bare rustic wood looks beautiful with the dazzling holiday elements. Remember to add layers of tea lights or votive candles to the tablescapes. If you want to make your guests feel extra special, consider adding place cards at their seats. 

Make the tablescape really pop by varying centerpiece heights with the decorations. A popular trend in tablescapes right now is using live greenery and mismatched candlesticks and crystal glasses. For a more romantic look, white roses can be woven throughout the decor. 

Food and Drinks Everyone Can Enjoy

Food brings people together. Whether for a long meal or a coffee between friends, time spent with one another goes back in history as an honored tradition for creating connections. People remember a delicious meal and might even be inspired to recreate it themselves. The warm sentiments can quickly disappear though if a guest cannot participate in the meal due to dietary restrictions. When planning a holiday party, do consider guests’ restrictions and allergens when planning with your caterer. If a buffet dinner is being served, labeling each dish is a small gesture that makes party-goers feel heard and acknowledged for their needs. 

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