Decorate for the Ultimate New Year’s Eve Party

New Years Eve is a time when everyone is getting dressed up in their finest and adding sparkle to anything and everything. It’s a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. The first few celebratory moments of the year are bright and spectacular. Some places offer flutes of champagne or throw confetti after the clock strikes midnight. 

If you find yourself in charge of planning a New Years Eve party, don’t stress. There are elegant ways you can pull together all the glamorous elements of the holiday without having a space that looks sparse or overdone. Read on for tips on planning your party.

Skip the Photo Booth

Taking home photos has gone from commonplace to novelty. We can capture moments on our smartphones and DSLRs, but how does it feel to hold a fresh photo in your hands? People love it! Photo booths have been popular for decades, but now the trend is moving towards more openness: balloon walls. A wall covered in different colored and shaped balloons adds a brilliance to the space that a photobooth cannot provide. It gives people the chance to do all of their free spirited poses and faces in front of all their friends and family. Since it’s New Year’s Eve, opt for the metallics in black, gold, and silver. 

The balloon wall is also a visually interesting spot in the room. It is decoration long-after the photographer has gone home. Next to the glitzy balloon wall, there should be a table of festive props available to the guests. Mini hats, monocles, bowties, feather boas, and funny speech bubbles for people to hold will really elevate the mood in the photos.

Pick a Color Palette

With New Years Eve party ideas flooding your Pinterest board, it can be difficult to pick out the ones you like the most. Here is a secret: start with a color palette. This will guide your decor, theme, and even ambiance. Gold and silver are a New Year’s go-to, but have you thought about adding accent colors such as merlot, emerald, or navy? The key is to make the sparkles pop without looking harsh. 

Do Have A Theme

A New Year’s Eve party does not have to mean an Art Deco or a Gatsby event theme. Keeping the golds and silvers associated with the holiday, you can weave in ornate masks for a gothic masquerade theme. These can also become part of your decorative elements. Add the masks to floral displays, tablescapes, and in vases to weave the theme throughout the space.

Have A Signature Drinks Menu

Do you wish to serve more than traditional cocktails and bubbly? Signature cocktails will wow your guests! Fresh herbs and savory flavors are trending and will for sure be a guest hit. Have your bartender create a special menu for the evening that incorporates thyme, rosemary, and other fun garnishes. Using crystal stemware will add extra sparkle without overwhelming your palette with too many colors. 

Plan Your Menu Accordingly

As guests typically arrive later for a New Year’s Eve party, your menu should reflect options that will satisfy guests past the midnight celebrations. A sit down dinner may not be necessary for this event but canapes are perfect for satiating guests’ appetites. Ask your caterer to provide a diverse array of charcuterie boards, mini quiches, mousse cups, and petit fours. These are elegant and simple small bites that will delight their eyes and keep them enjoying the party. 

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