Host an Elegant Bridal Shower with these Party Ideas

Less than three months before saying “I do,” there’s another important event to prepare for, the bridal shower. This day is traditionally focused on “showering” the bride-to-be with gifts to set up her new home. In modern times, it has become a day to gather together the ladies in her life and enjoy an afternoon of games, gift-giving, and meeting other wedding guests.  Additionally, bridal showers are now taking on creative themes. This newer element can steer the outfits, food, games, and favors. Planning bridal shower decorations doesn’t have to be an overwhelming challenge, especially when you’re charged with coordinating with the other bridesmaids to pull it together. Keep reading for tips on how to plan an elegant bridal shower that the bride-to-be will love.

Decorating for the Bridal Shower 

As her closest friend or family member, you probably know her best. Is she glamorous, vintage chic, or girly? Consider this carefully when selecting the theme. Remember when it comes to decorations, less is more. Start with the color pallete for the selected theme and build out from there. If you choose a high tea theme for example, the color palette could be merlot, eggshell, champagne, and navy. Try to mix up the deep and light colors to steer away from making the venue look busy. For example, use eggshell tablecloths, champagne risers for the food, and alternate the deeper hues with the napkins.  Your other decorative elements can include balloons, flowers, streamers, and greenery. Don’t forget to collect the streamers and bows for the ribbon bouquet. This time-honored tradition is a symbol of friendship between the bride and her ladies. 

Choosing a Venue

Now for the location. Are you hosting in a home or booking a venue? Both options have their pros and cons. Hosting in a home is a more cozy, intimate environment. It might also be more cost and time effective than seeking out and booking a venue. If the party is a larger group, it could be easier to book a venue and save the bridal party time on setup and teardown.  The venue can also be tied to the overall theme of the party. Are you hosting at a winery? Take the romantic setting and create a backyard bliss or champagne brunch theme. Did you book out part of a restaurant? Go for a glitzy Gatsby or bohemian chic. Hosting in a home offers the opportunity for a slightly lower-key shower like country chic or beach party. Don’t feel guilty asking the guests to dress to the theme. They’ll actually get into it and feel excited to wear something extra special for the occasion.

During the Bridal Shower

In addition to memorable themes, bridal showers now incorporate games. As the planner, you need to keep in mind that her family will be around. Keep the games for the bridal shower appropriate, but trust your gut if you know they’ll appreciate some humor.  A popular game is “He Said, She Said.” Guests will get a fill-in and try to guess who said I love you first, who made the first move, who is a better dancer and so on. Another option is guest bingo. This one allows the attendees to get to know each other better by asking questions on their distributed cards until they get a “bingo.” Of course there’s also the classic advice for the bride-to-be. All three are great entertainment options to keep guests active during the party.  The final element is bridal shower favors. Usually, the bride will guide the decision on this. Shower favors are little mementos so guests can take home a piece of the day. Many brides will opt for edible gifts like cookies or Jordan almonds. Don’t feel limited by food though, you can gift homemade soap, bath bombs, or hand cream. 

The Protector Plan for Events

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