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Wearable cameras are cameras that can be clipped or mounted on the head or body and can record video or images on a continuous basis, at regular intervals, or on an ad hoc basis. The content on these cameras is stored locally on the device, transferred to a computer or laptop, or, at times, can be streamed to the cloud or smartphone via a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. The hands-free nature of wearable cameras brings a level of freedom that smartphone cameras or handheld cameras do not provide.

In 2017, the experts expect consumer wearable cameras such as GoPro to see wider adoption as their usage become more specific and ad hoc, instead of continuous, providing an alternate perspective to special moments like a birthday, holiday, wedding, or casual time spent with family and friends.

There is no denying that major changes have been happening in the event industry in the past five years. Many of the changes have been driven by technological advances and by shifts in what attendees want to experience. Consumer trends are turning away from the enjoyment of things and focusing more and more on the enjoyment of experiences. GoPro is an amazing tool through which you can record the most entertaining and memorable moments of your event.

GoPro produces one of the most versatile “wearable” waterproof and shockproof cameras in the world. GoPro utilizes user generated content (UGC) to advertise their brand and their events. It makes sense as their product is a mountable camera that can be used for all occasions.

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GoPro is used mostly in children’s parties and Quinceañeras as well as commercial events. Getting a shot’s point-of-view (POV) can be unbelievably fascinating. It will give you a point of view of your surroundings few will ever observe — at any rate until you share it on YouTube. As seen in teenagers’ birthday parties, the GoPro is being utilized as an active streaming tool. Rather than attaching it to a bicycle’s cap, some will strap it to the hockey stick while playing a round of field hockey.

Event marketers who want to connect with the potential customers are paying attention to this trend next. From tiny ponies to golden retrievers, most house pets are making their way as an event helper by carrying the GoPro. Connecting the GoPro to your most loved canine gives you a chance to catch a genuinely wonderful view at your wedding events, rehearsal dinners and receptions – seeing the sheer free delight of going through the yard at knee level.
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With its system of straps, mounts, small form factor, and lightweight design, it truly is the ideal camera to capture candid moments of the big day. It is common to hear an announcement from the party DJ about the GoPro to be passed around to get a unique recording or priceless memories.

The GoPro camera excels at easy setting up of wedding time-lapse which is a serious of pictures taken in intervals over an extended period of time then rendered together sequentially into video form to make short clips. Time lapse videos provide fluid movement so you can capture your vendors setting up and decorating your ceremony site as well.
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Why not use a GoPro to capture those fun moments shared between you and your friends?

Imagine capturing a soaring shot of a bustling holiday lights in the city center, breathtaking pan of a poolside reception, or a scene skimming a lush vineyard leading to your event site. GoPro provides a much better user interface for capturing longer videos or action moments that need hands-free capabilities. When it is clipped or mounted on a user, it is much more useful in specific circumstances, where the user can control the camera via a smartphone, but no longer has to worry about holding the camera up for long periods of time.

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