Halloween Party Ideas That Will Make for a Swanky Evening

This centuries old harvest fest would be remiss if you didn’t take the opportunity to dress up and spend time with loved ones. When you hear the words “costume party,” don’t let the usual cobwebs and faux spiders automatically come to mind. You can spin the spooky holiday into a classy, Gatsby party-esque event that embraces the spirit of the season. 

It’s all about the decorations

Take the colors and bone-chilling elements of Halloween and make them statement pieces in your decor. 

Cast shadows: Weave tea lights or votives into your tablescape and displays. The key here is to incorporate varying layers and textures such as skulls, gourds, lace, and candles. Dim the lights and watch your space transform into an spooky shadowland. 

Use Flowers: Stick to a dark red color palette for the florals for a Halloween party. Add branches and vines so the blooms creep across tables, down credenzas, and around centerpieces. 

Make an Entrance: Add a dark, metallic balloon garland to the entryway utilizing colors such as deep merlots, chrome, and black hues. Like the floral arrangements, the balloon garland placement should be asymmetrical. Your garland will cast shadows and throw light which will add an eerie element while remaining polished. 

Gourds: Tis the season for pumpkins and other gourds of all shapes and sizes. To add a bit of sophistication, display matte-painted gourds with a metallic drip throughout the room. This design idea takes away the bright oranges, greens, and yellows colors we typically associate and elevate the shapes into something glamorous. 

Black: Don’t fear adding more black elements to the decor. Although we collectively associate it as the color that absorbs light, for Halloween you’ll want to do just this. Black table linens, runners, and crinolines can help add texture and layers of the dark color when you want the evening to feel more sinister. 

Food for thought

Halloween-inspired event food can be festive without being grotesque. Of course kids love to see brains or eyeball themed food, but let’s talk about sophisticated canapes and beverages for adults. 

Your appetizer spread will be the centerpiece if you choose not to serve dinner at your private event. Starting with the table, make sure all of your party elements coordinate. Did you opt for dark flowers and skulls, painted gourds, or maybe even a slight nod to Edgar Allan Poe with faux ravens? Add these decor elements to each table to make your motif really pop. 

The bar can make an even bigger statement. Pour a mixer for a red cocktail into a festive decanter. Since it’s the Fall season, flavors such as pomegranate or cranberry would be a perfect accompaniment. To elevate the design, accent the bar area with apothecary bottles filled with bitters, simple syrup, or garnishes for signature drink customization. Ask the bartender to top off libations with dry ice; the cascading, smoky look adds extra “wow” to the drink as well as the guests’ experience. 

Don’t forget about desserts. A layered cake with deep-colored berry layering inside would be a perfect Halloween party confection. Add rose petals, chocolate truffles, and fruits like figs, blackberries, and cherries to an off white buttercream exterior for a gorgeous presentation. 

If you want to stick to more of canapes theme, there are more bite-sized options that are still decadent. Macarons are a very popular bite-sized dessert cookie. Cookies in varying shades of deep reds, purples, and even emerald greens could act as a focal point. Panna cotta topped with raspberry or hand-painted truffles are both beautiful and have a velvety texture for guests with a bigger sweet tooth. If you want to really wow the guests, have your caterer offer a crepe station so guests can build the fresh dessert creation of their dreams. 

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